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Turn your smart phone into a smarter way to work.

Stop wasting time searching for the equipment and manpower needed to get the job done. Don’t let your workforce or machinery sit idle. Equip keeps you connected, prepared and producing.

GPS Enabled

Pinpoint your location when every mile counts.

Proximity Aware

Get results that are closest to your set location.

Real Time Status

Monitor the availability of the equipment you need.

Real People

Talk directly to the equipment and service providers.


Oilfield Equipment and Service Providers
now have an invaluable sales tool
that will increase your customer base
and decrease idle time.

Subscriber Benefits

Inform Your Customers

Relay the location and availability of your oilfield equipment and services to the guys on the ground in real time.

Convenience Your Customers

Improve efficiency by listing and distributing equipment from the yard closest to the job site.

Increase Your ROI

Ensure that no piece of equipment sets idle. Keep your fleet producing for the price of one gallon of diesel per day.

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Our subscription plans have been optimized for oilfield equipment and service companies of every size and scale. No matter if you are a mom & pop shop with one piece of equipment in the yard, or a multi-state outfit with hundreds of pieces of equipment all across the nation. Contact Us to learn about our Unlimited Listings Plans that can be priced out on an individual basis.

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Salesmen 15
Yards 10


Post job listings, discounts on lodging, or simply take advantage of our simplified listing plan by advertising your business and/or services with EQUIP Classifieds. Update and change your listing at anytime.

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Wherever the job site
we keep you

An essential tool for guys on the ground and oilfield equipment and service providers. Sign up to get notified of new features and stay up-to-date on all things Equip.